Have you ever wished there was some magic switch you could flip to make a change? Maybe you even went into 2023 thinking THIS year is gonna be THE year! A turning point year ….

Yeah. Me too. How the heck are we in November already?! Where did it go?

I feel like I’ve made some pretty awesome strides this year with taking on things I’d been wanting / planning for a long looooong time…

… and STILL I feel like there is SO MUCH MORE I wanted to accomplish that I didn’t even make a dent in.

Some of that seems to be standard territory of being a high-achiever – always setting the bar HIGH, sometimes WAY HIGHER than we really think we can do.

I’ve had clients straight-up tell me, “If I achieve a goal on my first try, my first thought is, ‘It must not have been a big-enough goal. I should’ve gone bigger.'”

Whether it’s about taking on a new “thing,” wanting more / bigger / faster results, or wanting desired results to come naturally – in ways that feel good, without having to force, push, or work HARD at it – in today’s new Transforming Millions™ episode, we’re talking about how shining a light on our hidden biases can be like flipping a switch to access a whole new world of possibilities: personally, professionally, and even in parenting!

I encourage you to tune in, especially if you’re a parent. Dr. Sarah Allen is a Pediatric Neuropsychologist who helps parents efficiently & effectively learn to look at kids as little brains so they raise happy, connected, successful humans – building your kiddos’ brains without losing your own mind!

Something my guest shared about a major breakthough in her own personal journey deserves extra highlighting for your benefit right now, because in a near-future post – or even better, on one of my upcoming media features on an ABC morning showI could easily be sharing a similar flip-of-a-switch breakthrough & the WINS that follow for YOU!

Sarah attended a 3-hour virtual workshop I led 2 years ago. It’s the prior version of what I’ve re-designed into my upcoming 3-hour virtual Reinvention micro-Retreat(As of this post, registration is open for November 14-16 for just 1 hour a day from 12-1 pm ET! If you’re reading this after then, click the link for our next one!)

Don’t get too hung up on the details of her story. Her “thing” she was blocked by may not be the same as you, and therefore her “ah-ha” to move past her block likely won’t be the same as what you need to move past yours. The BIG thing to look for is: If this was posible for her, what could be possible for YOU?

Based on prior experiences in life including an over-stressed parent who always said, “No” … and despite describing herself as “one of the most positive persons you will ever meet” …

She discovered in the span of our 3 hours that she had a hidden, underlying bias (aka: belief / expectation) that things would NOT likely work out.

The little voice in her head would often ask her, “What if it doesn’t work out?”

Part of how that showed up was that she wasn’t taking certain risks. “Whenever I went to take a risk in a business, it’d be like, ‘Oh, no. Well… that’s a little too risky,’ or ‘that doesn’t make sense,’ and, ‘it probably won’t happen.'”

She said, “I think as we dug into that more [in the workshop], I realized: Well, wait a minute. All evidence really is to the contrary…. And, too: What if I started thinking the opposite direction? What if it all worked out instead of what if it doesn’t work out?”

It was definite lightbulb, like kind of light switch moment for me, as I absorbed that and I really started watching each of my decisions from there on out and thinking more in the ‘What if it all works out?’ instead of ‘What if it doesn’t work out?'”

I’ve seen a huge boost in my business, but even more so, it comes naturallyIt comes in a positive way that feels good.

Part of that huge boost in her business came from winning a large contract that she told me she may not have even bid on prior to our workshop because of concerns about: What if it doesn’t work out?

(By the way, the neon sign featured with this post was a gift her partner had made for her office so she can always remember: What if it ALL works out?” How cool is that?!)

If you’re thinking, “I’ve tried changing my thoughts and it didn’t work,” here’s WHY: when some coaches talk about that, they really are referring to changing your conscious thoughts – the ones you KNOW you have. But, it’s the SUB-conscious ones that are really driving you.

The “magic” for Sarah was that in one conversation, without years of digging and “trying,” she was able to see a limit that had previously been hidden from her view. In seeing it, she was then able to re-evaluate it and CHOOSE to break free of it, ultimately empowering her to start taking new actions in alignment with who she is, what she’s here for, and what really matters to her.

So here’s my question for YOU:

What would be POSSIBLE for you in 2024 if, like Sarah, in the span of just 3 hours you could shine a light on even ONE subconscious limit that’s been hidden from your view?

What could you do WITHOUT LIMITS?

Wanna find out?

Come join me November 14-16 from 12-1pm ET!

The Reinvention micro-Retreat is a virtual but LIVE interactive event where some game-changing foundational topics will be briefly introduced, and then we’ll engage in group discussion & coaching to dive deep into what you can shift NOW, not just to achieve your “more” in 2024, but for a WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE of joy, freedom, and fulfillment every step of the way there!

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