Spencer Snakard

Coach ~ Trainer ~ Speaker


I’m Spencer Snakard – Mindset Coach, Transformational Trainer, and Motivational Speaker for Entrepreneurs who are ready to stop struggling and instead create the thriving business & life of your dreams. The kind filled with 6+ figure freedom, doing work you love with Passion, Purpose, and Profits, without ever having to give up what matters most to you.

After having helped hundreds of ambitious men and women create jaw-dropping results in all areas of life like…

  • Increase income 300%+
  • Create the marriage of their dreams
  • Heal chronic pain & illness
  • Drop multiple dress sizes
  • Restore 20+ year old broken relationships
  • Build booming businesses that once seemed impossible

…I know just how possible it is to have it all.

That’s what I’m all about – having it ALL.

But, I know sometimes it seems like life can get in the way…

Despite all your best efforts, doing all the “right” things you may still not be getting there…
… at least not with the speed, scale, or ease you had hoped for.

You KNOW your dream is possible because you see others living it … and you know they have nothing on you.

Meanwhile, you can’t believe how quickly life is passing you by while you work your butt off for a level of success that never seems to bring the freedom you’re working so hard for.

I get it … and that’s exactly why I’m here for you.

Here’s My Story

I’ve always been fascinated with human potential…

Soon after graduating with my Bachelors in Psychology, I attended a weekend training seminar about creating the life you want, free from constraints of the past. It totally transformed my life.

I let go of limiting beliefs, destructive behaviors, and historical baggage… and tapped into an immense power within me that years of self-help and therapy had not been able to significantly alter. I was blown away by the effect and power that shifting your beliefs could have on your life. That’s when I KNEW that I had found my passion and my calling…which I’ve been living, teaching and perfecting for the last 20 years.

Initially, I worked for a transformational training & life coaching company and loved what I was doing as I helped people transform their lives. But it came at a cost of low pay and long hours which made it difficult to live the life I wanted.

Then I moved to corporate America, where I hoped to still make a difference but with more pay in less hours. But that came at a cost, too, with lack of passion or purpose, knowing I was meant for more. My life was missing the freedom and fulfillment that I desperately wanted. So, I put my experience to use and took my own advice.

In the last 6 years alone, here’s how much my life has transformed:

  • Built a Yoga business (while in my 9-5) so I could do work I loved that made a difference
  • Built the house of my dreams on 10 beautiful, peaceful acres like I always wanted, persisting thru a ton of “it can’t be done” until I found a way and made it happen
  • Ended a 14-year soap-opera of a marriage, finally realizing I deserved SO MUCH MORE and that life didn’t have to be do damn hard
  • Created the relationship of my dreams with Mr. Wonderful that consistently exceeds expectations … without dragging baggage from the past into the present
  • Coached my husband to start an international business he initially believed was impossible (for lots of good reasons) which he grew from 0 to multiple 6-figures in one year, and more than doubled the next year.
  • Left my J-O-B and now make 3x more than my 9-5 and enjoy the freedom that comes with more $$$ for less time & effort

I know the power of mindset to spark incredible results, having seen it both drastically transform my life and the lives of hundreds of people I’ve helped. Now I’m here to help YOU transform YOUR life.

I Can Help You If…

  • You’re smart and successful, but perhaps you’re not getting the results you want with the speed, scale or ease you want
  • You KNOW you’re meant for more … but despite all your work, it’s not working
  • You want consistent $10K, $20K, heck, even $100K months AND you want to enjoy them without being consumed by your business
  • You’re willing to take full ownership of your results and your life
  • You’re ready to let go of your limiting beliefs and blow away anything holding you back

If that’s you, SCHEDULE A CALL

Want to Know More?

There are a lot of mindset coaches out there who woke up yesterday and decided to call them self a mindset coach, but this isn’t my first rodeo…

Here’s My Official Bio…

Spencer Snakard is a Mindset Coach, Transformational Trainer, and Motivational Speaker for purpose-driven online Entrepreneurs who are on a mission to make major impact. Spencer stands for full self-expression, living life out loud, and owning your power in ALL areas while passionately fulfilling your purpose in a business & life you love.

She has provided training and coaching in the area of personal and professional development to hundreds of students as part of transformative experiential learning programs designed to cause profound & lasting shifts in participants lives.

Spencer has a degree in Psychology, extensive training & leadership in Ontology that spans more than 20 years, and has completed International Coaching Federation (ICF) training that meets Professional Certified Coach (PCC) requirements. She also is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and Certified Success Principles trainer, trained & mentored by Jack Canfield

And If You Want to Get Personal…

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I love Yoga and the holistic growth it offers thru ‘play’ and have been sharing it with others as a yoga teacher for nearly 15 years
  • We are a modern-day Brady Bunch with 5 children in our combined family, from ages 12 – 24 years old
  • I am a big dog lover. Our current ‘baby’ is a rescued 80+ pound Great Dane/Yellow Lab mix
  • My husband and I met on Match.com and I called him into my life by practicing what I preach. He is the man of my dreams: everything I always wanted and more … and he says I am everything he ‘never knew he always wanted.’ Yep. I was a whole new realm of possibility for him as he had no idea that such a perfect fit could exist!

If you’re ready to step into a whole new realm of possibilities for the business & life you’ve been dreaming of, SCHEDULE A CALL today.