Live the Dream

… even as your dream evolves

Tired of knowing you are meant for more?

I get it. I know what it’s like to settle for less and dream about more.

For 18 years I tolerated a corporate career that was “good enough” and spent 14 years in a marriage that I made myself small for. All the while knowing I was made for a purpose, and knowing I wasn’t living it. But there were bills to be paid.

Many sleepless nights were spent wondering how those bills would get paid or if the next crisis would throw us back underwater. Wondering if I would ever have time to be the room-mom at my kids’ school. If they knew how much I loved them, even though I spent so much time working a meaningless job … spending the most amount of time on the things that mattered least.

It was exhausting. And hard. And totally not fun. And it seemed like the only possible paths to living the life I dreamed of required giving up way too much.

Imagine the possibilities…

  • Making massive impact, doing work you’re passionate about & that you KNOW is an authentic expression of your purpose.
  • Getting paid ridiculously well for your work, being financially free & totally trusting that you can always create more as needed.
  • Having time to not just be with the people you want (husband/wife, kids, friends, etc.) but to REALLY BE with them – present, connected, IN the moment as you make life-long memories of shared love & laughter.
  • Feeling joyful, fulfilled, & knowing you belong, without any need to prove your worth to yourself or anyone else
  • …and for it to all come with EASE. No more trying to force square pegs into round holes.

Imagine what it would be like to break free from what’s holding you back.

To feel passionate, alive, and on purpose with a truly freedom-based business & life you love … and never settle for less.

Just like Dorothy and her ruby slippers, you already have the power. I know because I’ve lived it. I tapped into my power, clicked my heels, and have created a life of MY design. And I’ve supported and witnessed hundreds of others in using their power to create a life of their design, too.

This is not just a positive thinking practice where you hope, wish and wait for results to fall into your lap. This is about creating meaningful, lasting results, that will revolutionize your business and your life with simple strategies, tools, and practical steps to reach any goal you set.

How is that even possible? Because we are not just going to address one particular “thing” in your life…

We are going to discover what’s hiding behind the curtain and reconstruct the context that shapes ALL things, so that you are empowered to create ANY thing.

See, you are who you are everywhere in life, so if the context that is shaping your life includes a belief like “life is hard” then EVERYTHING is hard. Business, finances, relationships, weight, health, family… it’s ALL hard. It seeps into every area.

We are going to discover what’s hiding behind the curtain and reconstruct the context that shapes ALL things, so that you are empowered to create ANY thing.

That’s why I created Transforming Millions™ for women who are:

  • Here to make an impact & change lives … without sacrificing what matters most. You know you are here (on Earth) for a Purpose, and you’re ready to break free from the doubts, self-sabotage, and ways you hold yourself back (Impostor Syndrome … Shiny Objects … procrastination …) so that you can live in full expression of who you really are & what you’re here to do.
  • Feeling like your freedom-based business is missing freedom & fulfillment.
  • Tired of working so damn hard, afraid to take your foot off the gas. You’ve built something that you invested your heart & soul into, but you know something’s gotta change.
  • Tired of feeling stuck, playing small, or waiting for “someday.” Life is happening NOW, and in the wise words of Queen: You want it all, and you want it now. No more putting your family, your health, or anything else on hold.
  • Seeking alignment with your Source in business & in life to live, love, & lead authentically from the heart. No more cutting off or hiding parts of you to fit what you think people want to hear.
  • Ready to OWN your power and experience true happiness in ALL areas of life while you build your business & expand your reach.

As your committed partner in building the business & life of your dreams, together we will:

  • Get Clear about your Passion, your Purpose, and your Vision cause if anything is “off” there, you will sabotage yourself every step of the way. You will design what a business & life you love would look like for you that lights you up & inspires you as you fulfill your calling & expand your reach. You’ll paint a rich picture with depth and feeling, and will have specific goals for who to be, actions to take, and results (yep, how many by when?) to create so that you can make your vision into reality.
  • Uncover & Conquer what’s standing between here and there as you overcome obstacles with strength & ease. We’ll determine what’s been holding you back and what’s in your way ahead, and we’ll equip you with concrete steps and strategies that you can immediately apply so you can move forward to turn your dreams into realities – not just someday or after 3,627 other things fall into place, but NOW.
  • Create your vision, leaving you free, fulfilled, and loving life. You’ll have me as your accountability partner to keep you moving forward, & push you back on track if you fall off course, get in your own way, or hold yourself back so that you can become the woman who has it ALL.

And we’ll do it all with a sense of play to enjoy the journey along the way. After all…

This is NOT a dress rehearsal. This is your LIFE.

Are You Ready to Breakthrough? Let’s Turn Your Vision into Your Reality.

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Why This? Why Now?

You might be thinking, “Can’t I just go read a book and get the same results? Or put more time into mindset practice and see how I do on my own?” Well, you could, but … how much longer do you want to wait and see and struggle on your own?

Books can be great. I’ve read a lot of them; I read my first self-help book at age 14 and devoured them for many years. They are good for information – but you already have PLENTY of that.

Information makes almost NO DIFFERENCE in your journey. Think about it: when people want to lose weight, most have ALL the information they need to make it happen. How much difference does that make in actually motivating and inspiring them into effective ACTION and creating their intended results that last?

Here’s the REAL kicker: Sometimes even when you take all the right actions, you STILL don’t get results you want in the way you want. Sound familiar?

That’s because hidden beliefs in your blind-spots are stopping you. Working against you.

Like if you believe “I have to work HARD to earn money – I’m not going to be lazy or entitled,” then you’re going to find ALL kinds of ways to have to work hard so you can protect yourself from being one of “those people.”

The thing is, when you read a book or try to work through something on your own, you do it looking through the SAME lenses (the same context, point of view, and beliefs) that got you where you are in the first place.

Sometimes it takes someone looking through a different lens for you to get to those “WOW” moments…and to hold you accountable for them so you don’t retract right back to your “comfort” zone.

How Does the ‘Magic’ Work?

Although this IS about you living your dreams, it is NOT about closing your eyes and just wishing or hoping.

This is about CREATING a life you love.

Creating it with real, tangible, strategies, actions, and measurable results.

Being the CAUSE of your life.

Not stopped by breakdowns of life leaving you stranded on the side of the road. And MOST CERTAINLY Not at the mercy of that voice in your head that is probably the TRUE cause of 99.9% of your blocks.

Setting the bar high and EXCEEDING it.

Not settling for what life gives you, dealing with it, managing it, or tolerating it (whatever “it” might be).

The tools & skills you develop will empower you to create anything you want in any area you want.

Not “someday” somewhere out there in the future, but NOW, seamlessly integrated into your day-to-day life. No need to do more or spend countless hours a day “working on” or “practicing” your mindset. You don’t practice LIFE, do you? You just live it!

How much longer are you going to ignore that little voice whispering that it’s time to step up and make the difference you’re here to make?

And what would it be worth to live a life you love NOW, with tools to create what you want anywhere, anytime?

Introducing Transforming Millions™ Private Coaching Program

Transforming Millions™ is a 12 Month Program that is Completely Customized to YOU and YOUR DREAMS, Empowering You to Make Next-Level Business Leaps with a Life You Love Starting TODAY.

The Goods

  • 36 private weekly coaching calls, 50-60 minutes each
  • Unlimited email support for questions, accountability check-ins, freak-outs, big wins, breakthroughs, and support whenever you need
  • Customized assignments designed especially for you to tackle your specific obstacles and achieve your ultimate dreams
  • BONUS 90-minute Jump-Start Private Coaching Intensive to get maximum value starting our 1st session clear on where you are, where you want to get to, and who you need to be to get there
  • BONUS 30-minute post-program call 3-4 weeks after your program ends to follow up, celebrate progress, and get any additional support you need

The Bonuses

  • FREE Access to any product (e.g. online training course) I release during your program
  • 20% Discount to any live group service (e.g. group training course, or retreat/seminar) I lead during your program
  • Spectacular metamorphosis into a business AND life filled with Passion, Purpose, Profits and POWER to CREATE the Life of Your Dreams … even as your dreams evolve

Ready to Breakthrough Upper Limits & LEAP to Your Next Level?

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Will It Work for Me?

You might be thinking, “This all sounds great, but how do I know this will work for me?” Well, ultimately it’s up to you. I can’t promise results because if you don’t do the work or if you resist every step of the way, you won’t. BUT, I do believe this:

If you do the work, you open your heart and mind, you get in there and dig deep with a willingness to let go of the beliefs that may have once served you but don’t anymore – YOU WILL MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN.

We’re not talkin’ about short-lived “oh, wasn’t that nice” or “that was interesting” kind of stuff. It will be powerful, lasting, and BREAK THROUGH the barriers. And, you will start to develop mastery of these tools to use them again and again, in any area of life. Let me show you what I mean…

That Time I Made Myself SMALL … for 14 years

After I split from my ex of 14 years, one of my closest friends said, “Spencer, I watched you shrink for him.” And I did. I dimmed my light for him. I made myself smaller. Less magnificent. Hid who I was.

My biggest beat-up on myself was wondering “HOW could I have been so STUPID all those years? I am smarter & stronger than that! How could I have been so blind and given my power away like that???”

Through a whole lot of inner work & being willing to REALLY look and be honest with myself, I had a breakthrough that nearly knocked me off my feet… I saw that for most of my life, I had created an Identity for myself as someone who could overcome ANYTHING.

No matter the drama, the heartache, the upsets, the unexpected twists and turns, no matter what junk life (or people) threw my way… not only could I survive it all, but by God I would TRIUMPH over it all! (cue Angels singing as I transcend above the mountain top with blinding beams of light shooting out of every pore of my body). I know – kinda sickening, huh?!

I realized in that moment that I wasn’t stupid to turn a blind eye and choose him, I was BRILLIANT! Being with him gave me zillions of opportunities to triumph! I can’t tell you how many times people would say I was “a saint” or “I don’t know how you do it” or “you are amazing with all you take on.” Thank you. I know. (GAG!)

It was SO freeing to see that I had constructed my life EXACTLY the way my subconscious survival-driven Identity NEEDED it to be. And even better, even MORE freeing – by seeing that, I am FREE to CHOOSE now.

I can ask myself now, “Am I creating the next thing to overcome? Making my business harder than it needs to be? Setting up some big come-from-behind drama to triumph over?”

…cause I’m kinda over that. Like, not willing to tolerate it anymore. Now I am empowered to keep myself in check. AND, I have shared it with others in my life so THEY can keep me in check, too.

Do you want to wait 14 years to figure out what’s shaping your life? Holding you back? No matter what area of your life you feel stuck, struggling, or like something is missing, you can apply the techniques to get clear about what’s really going on, and have the power to Set Your Self Free.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re still on the fence, consider this (from your coach)… The great thing about sharing this journey with someone committed to your success is that you are not alone. I have your back, and I am 100% committed to your success.

There’s a scene in an Indiana Jones movie when he needs to cross a huge chasm. He needs to take a “leap of faith,” and with sweat on his brow, he closes his eyes and steps off the ledge. Hidden from his view was a bridge that he stepped onto without the slightest fall. Your leap of faith won’t be alone, and I’ll always make sure that a bridge is there to lead you to the other side (with a safety net to catch you if you fall). So…

No More Playing Small

Because here’s the thing…

You may think, “Someday when I’m:

More successful…
Have a bigger mailing list…
Evergreen some products…
Get credentialed…

… THEN I’ll really be able to enjoy life, and be happy & fulfilled.”

But honey, I have news for you: All We Have is NOW.

WARNING: Morbid ‘Ah-Ha’ Moment:

Your ‘THEN’ may not come until your time is up. For real.

I knew a woman in seemingly perfect health who unexpectedly died of a heart attack when she was 32 years young, with two young, precious children (one was a newborn). She and her husband thought that they had all the time in the world. They did not. It was a HUGE wake-up call for me.

If you knew that your end was near, would you feel you’ve lived a rich, fully satisfying life?

Would you feel that you fully served your purpose here, and gave all you had to give?

Would you be happy with the mark you were leaving behind?

The good news is, it’s not too late.

You can live it NOW. Create it now. Make your ‘someday’ NOW!

Because You Were MADE for a Purpose. And the world is waiting for you to fulfill it.

Our work together will be immediately applicable, fully supportive and always encouraging.

It is designed to hold you accountable for YOUR dreams and be a catalyst to play BIG so you can:

Live a powerful, inspired, FULLY AWESOME life that you love, and live it to its fullest, right NOW.

I get that you may be skeptical…

This is no ordinary, bound-to-happen-anyway life I’m talking about. This goes way beyond comfort zones & shuffling through, just surviving day to day.

But if you really wanted that, you probably wouldn’t still be here reading the bottom of this page.

Ready to make your next leap to a business & life you love?

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