Recently I had an inspired idea & decided to heed the call by hosting a Retreat at gorgeous multi-million-dollar beach house near Charleston, SC in February. Yes, “they” say these things need way more lead time, but it felt divinely guided, so I took a leap of faith and it’s happening!

If you have BIG pans for 2023, this is an awesome opportunity for MASSIVE personal & professional growth through high-touch executive coaching & peer masterminding to help you launch your business & your life to the next level & beyond!

Sure, it may seem a little nuts & impromptu given it’s just a few weeks away … but I suspect you’re sick of this crazy winter weather we’ve been having, and could use an escape from the busy-ness and ‘go, Go, GO!’ of day-to-day life.

There are still a couple spaces left, so if you want to get grounded, relax, connect, and re-set with the support of fellow female change-makers…

Here are the Top 5 reasons why one of the remaining retreat spaces should be claimed by YOU!

1. Epic YOU Time – We ALL need down time to rejuvenate and restore! That’s true always, but especially after these last few years that have been downright traumatic as we have literally been fighting for our lives. Thank God the pandemic (the worst of it, anyway) has passed and we can gather in person again, but we need to do things that take us OUT of stress and fight/flight, and instead step yourself into peace and calm. It’s the old “you gotta fill your cup first“ thing.

In addition to lots of personal & professional reflection & growth, we’ll also have big blocks of time to enjoy the surroundings however you want, like taking long walks on the beach, or just relaxing, curled up in a comfy outdoor sofa over looking the water and listening to the waves. Whatever floats your boat, it’s time for YOU to get away from the stresses of day-to-day and just enjoy the “ahhhhhhhhhh.”

2. LIVING is Believing – You’ve heard the expression, “seeing is believing” right? So many talk about seeing or visualizing your desired future to help your mind believe it’s true, which in turn helps make it reality. There is definitely value to that, but in my experience, LIVING it (even if just a taste) is so much more powerful than just visualizing or imagining it, and this is an awesome chance for you to live the vision.

Case in point: I recently spent the day at a super-swanky resort near home. I had planned to work there, but when I arrived during a very quiet, uncrowded Sunday brunch, I made a conscious choice to just BE there and enjoy it, taking my time to savor my 3 course, $80 brunch. Yep, all by myself. During deliberately long stretches of time in between courses, I did some self-reflecting and future dreaming.

Being there had me FEEL connected with desired outcomes, including Future-Me being able to say on a whim, “Let’s go down to the islands and spend a few days at the Ritz-Carlton.” Yes. Let’s : )

Joining us in a couple weeks, staying somewhere beautiful & inspiring, being around other amazing inspiring women at a multi-million-dollar beach house is a great way to feel into making your future vision real by living it now!

3. Galentines Like No Other – The retreat isn’t on Valentines Day, but it is soon after. Let me ask you: When the last time Valentines Day was everything you hoped it would be? Even asking that question flashes me back to an epically NOT-all-I-wanted-it-to-be Valentines Day in high school when one of my friends excitedly told me she saw my boyfriend carrying in a dozen roses that morning. When I saw him on my usual cruise past his locker before 2nd period, he gave me ONE rose. WTH?!? (he had given others to other girls)  I gotta say, even in recent years, the bar has dropped pretty low.

Spending this retreat weekend connecting with, supporting, and lifting up fellow amazing inspiring women just may be the most loved and supported you’ve felt in a long time.

4. Lots of Personal Support & Transformation – This is intentionally a small, intimate group, NOT a 25, 50, 100, 250 person thing. I know so many people investing large amounts of money into large business “coaching” groups, but despite the promises and maybe even “hot seat” coaching, I hear time and time again that people are NOT getting what they want/need from those mega groups.

Our time together will be with a max of 6. You will NOT get lost in the woodwork here. Whatever YOU need, you will have every opportunity to get.

By the way, just one client’s breakthrough from the last retreat was a massive shift she experienced in her sense of belonging & connection. Her whole life she said she had felt like an orphan of the Universe, but through one exercise we did, she now feels like a child of the Universe. That’s huge. If you’re not clear how that directly translates to business growth, you will by the end of the weekend. Let’s just say: who you think you are how you think you belong in the world around you drives everything. Everything.

5. Real-World Practice to Use Your Humanity FOR You – A lot of what we’ll dive into is how aspects of your humanity like your identity can directly interfere with what you say you want (self-sabotage, anyone?) … but you can use that same “wiring” FOR you, so let’s put it to use NOW!…

Consider yourself spontaneous? Fun? World traveler?
>>> This is a great chance to play into it by jumping on something that’s fabulous for you! Do it, DO IT!

Consider yourself a planner who needs to have their ducks in a row and give things a lot of thought?
>>> This is a great chance to get uncomfortable doing something different that’s fabulous for you! Do it, DO IT!

See, your identity serves you in many ways – it’s what’s made you the success you are! AND, it also can be very limiting, so sometimes we NEED to do something different / uncomfortable to get where we want to be. We’ll be exploring this and a whole lot more together, so: I don’t care how you get here, just get here if you can ; )

You can check out more here, including photos of the beautiful location! If you’re interested, set up a call to apply! I’ve opened up some weekend call slots on my calendar this weekend – schedule your call to take place by the end of Monday 2/6 and if you’re “in” for the retreat by 8pm ET Tuesday 2/7 you’ll get a BONUS 1:1 coaching call!