As I’m sure you’re well aware, the Ukraine was invaded by Russia late last week. I think that there’s a lot of tension and uncertainty from businesses who don’t want be insensitive to the situation or seem like it’s just business as usual and “lalala … I’m just gonna go out and market myself and pretend that nothing bad is happening in the world.”

It’s something that I certainly have been aware of myself and so I wanted to share a little on my thoughts about this.

As someone in my sphere, I believe that you’re someone who wants to make the world a better place and who is probably on a mission to do so in whatever YOUR way is, regardless of whether it has to do with helping people live healthier lives or be better parents or things related to social, racial, or environmental justice.

Whatever your area of expertise is, when bad stuff is happening like is happening right now, I believe it’s more important than ever that we remember what we’re here for.

The last few days I’ve been thinking, “OK … how do I address this? Or how do I want to address this???”

The suffering right now is one of those things where I feel like there’s no RIGHT way to talk about it, other than perhaps acknowledging what is and expressing our concern and support and compassion for humanity, and I’m certainly feeling ALL of that. And of course, to do what we can do to directly support those in need.

I have numerous Ukrainian friends from business groups I’ve been part of over the last few years who are THERE, on the ground RIGHT NOW or who have family there … and their stories are heart-wrenching.

But also, because of WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO as LEADERS and change-makers in the world, I feel like it’s all the more reason why it’s important that we do continue onward… not in a “business as usual” way that pretends like nothing is happening, but I think it is important that we take into consideration that what we’re here for may be exactly what can prevent what’s happening again in the future.

Part of it for me is, when I really dig down into the core of WHY I do what I do (I recently went through the golden circle exercise that Simon Sinek shares in his talk about “Start with WHY”) …

My core “why” is ultimately to raise up humanity.

To make the world a better place by raising the consciousness of humanity … raising up how we live … who we are … how we show up and TREAT one another. CHANGING THE WAY WE EXIST & interact as human beings, as we evolve into our next stage of evolution.

And so, to stop what I’m doing right now … to not continue onward or put everything on hold because I’m worried that it might seem insensitive (MEANING: if I’m coming from a place of “Oh my gosh! What are people going to think of me???” and then act (or DON’T act) based on THAT) that would be letting my identity & my FEAR run me because I’m more worried about ME than what I’m here for.

But I have a much bigger WHY here that goes way beyond concerns about what people think of me.

I already said that my WHY is to lift up humanity, but I also figured out is that my HOW boils down to helping people feel whole.

Helping people feel perfect and whole and complete and owning the divine, magnificent expression that they are as an extension of their creator. Connecting with that inherent divine magnificent GOOD within us and expressing that out in the world.

And you know what???

WHOLE people don’t take over other countries.

Whole people don’t launch bombs into citizen-filled cities, wiping out apartment buildings as people sleep in them and sending people hiding into bomb shelters or fleeing everything they know in terror.

Whole people don’t feel that they need to prove their power and their force and their worth.

Yes, I’m certainly in this case referring to Putin and other leaders like Putin past and present, but I think we all know they have followers who BUY INTO their rhetoric who would gladly FOLLOW THEM into battle because THEY also don’t feel whole, and THEY too are so disconnected from their creator and their SELF (with a capital S) that they are disconnected from their fellow humans and can justify their destruction.

So for me, I believe that by continuing to do my work – now even more than ever – I’m helping prevent more death and destruction NOW and into the future.

And so, I invite you to look for yourself. I know I’ve talked a lot from my own perspective about my own work today, but I invite you to look for yourself at: “What’s your WHY???”

Why are YOU doing what you do?

What’s your driving force toward your mission and perhaps the movement that you’re out to create in your work, and – with that – what would be an ALIGNED response for you as far as how to show up during this time???

It might be that for YOU in your work – being in alignment with & in full expression of your why
might mean laying low or NOT showing up right now … and I’m not telling you shouldn’t I’m just acknowledging that as a possibility…

Look for yourself:

What would feel aligned for you to be in living in full expression of who you are what you’re here for and what you value in the world toward fulfilling your WHY – fulfilling your mission and making your mark in the world, right now?

And, I’m going to honor what I said here about keeping my mission moving forward by letting you know that I have two open one-on-one spots for private coaching, so if you or someone you know is ready to powerfully move your mission FORWARD … to BREAKTHROUGH any upper limit barriers that may be in your way … so that you can make the ultimate mark that you know you’re here to make … and turn your mission into a world changing movement without life sucking consequences … set up a call at and I would be HAPPY to have a conversation with you!