It’s been a sobering week. One that could leave us feeling hopeless and victimized. But for me, it is fueling my fire and calling me up & out to forge ahead because it’s a reminder of how much work we ALL still have to do.

I shared about it here in a video, but the gist is this: I was on a post-retreat “high” from hosting my 1st ever retreat at a beach house in North Carolina last weekend with 4 amazing women and it was a weekend of magic that I was over-the-moon excited to share with you …

… and then was devastated to find out Wednesday morning when I got home about the tragic school shooting in Texas.

Perhaps the stark contrast of the two events has me feeling more than ever:

The world NEEDS US.

The world needs ME.

The world needs YOU.

The world needs a massive shift that WE can bring about, not through political arguments or justification of sides, or blaming or defending from a place of SURVIVAL and self-defense, but by connecting with and EXPRESSING and LIVING AS who we really are (on a soul level).

New ways to LIVE. New ways to love. New ways to LEAD. And certainly, new ways to co-exist.

Because more of the same animal-in-the-wild, attacking, “I’m right and not only are you wrong, but you’re an @$$hole” BS isn’t gonna cut it.

Neither is a couple days of news coverage while we all talk about how horrible it is, and then go right back to stories on “Memorial Day Bargains” and the release of the latest summer blockbuster movie.

Sure, I’m not the only one doing my work nor are you the only one doing yours, but I feel a responsibility to play like it’s ALL ME. “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

While that might feel like a burden or “have to” for some, or some might even think it’s egotistical, it feels to me like an inspired calling – to see it like I can’t sit back and wait for someone else. To live life like no one is coming to save us – it’s up to ME.

For me, that means I need to give my mission my all, AND give my all in ways that align with who I am, what I’m here for, and what matters most so that I can KEEP giving without burning out, making myself sick, or having it “cost” so much that it can’t continue.

A HUGE part of giving my all means NOT playing small, limiting myself, or holding back in any way for fear of what could go wrong or what others may think or falling flat on my face along the way.

And it’s the same for you, too. I’ve had countless conversations through my decades of coaching where our upper limits always come down to some form of fear in the way. But fear does NOT have to limit you or the impact you’re here to make.

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All Things Possible (even a world of peace, belonging, and safety for all)

~ Spencer

PS: It just “happened” (though I believe there are no coincidences) that when I went to grab the link to the video, this was the quote in my News Feed Eradicator:

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world.” ~ Anne Frank

Amen, sister. Let’s not wait a single moment, for all we have is NOW.