I’ve been listening to Brene Brown quite a bit lately. She talks about a lot of the same things I do, but she found her way to it as a “shame researcher” who had a spiritual awakening when she realized that vulnerability – which she defines as “uncertainty, risk, & emotional exposure” – was at the core of whole-hearted living.

I get that. I am grateful every day for having my own spiritual awakening 24 years ago that opened my eyes to the STRENGTH in Vulnerability.

I saw then that if I didn’t lay down my armor & risk getting my ass kicked, there was no way I could have the life I wanted.

Love & Connection are just not possible when we’re armored up… and it takes a hell of a lot of courage to lay down that armor. 

One thing Brene makes really clear is:

Courage is NOT the opposite of vulnerability, but rather one WITH vulnerability.

Courage requires vulnerability, and vulnerability requires courage.


Ultimately, the work I do to support you in making the impact you are here to make is about living courageously. 

  • Taking RISKS.
  • Stepping – even LEAPING – into UNcertainty.
  • Getting comfortable with being UNcomfortable.

Know why “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”? Because it’s scary to take risks and to know not just that you MIGHT fail, but that you WILL fail. A LOT.

(Of course, as my coach reminds me: “It’s only ‘failure’ if you don’t learn from it.”)

So what do we tend to do? We stay “safe.” Small. Contained. NOT risk. After all…

Failure might get your ass kicked outta the cave.

If you don’t try, you can’t fail, right? Problem solved.

But deep down, you know better.

Hiding out & letting the fear stop you (‘protecting’ yourself) is NO solution for BEING who you want to be… for being who you KNOW you really are.


What does it take to move through the fear? To DANCE WITH the fear?

BEING vulnerably courageous, and courageously vulnerable … which is NOT the default setting for any of us. We’re just not wired that way.

Being courageously vulnerable does not take time but it does take support & accountability.

Left to your own devices, you probably won’t do it. Your survival instincts will kick in and have you pull back. Retreat. Retract.

I just experienced this (again) this past week. I sent out an email with a brand-new offer & visions of 20 people just magically signing up and … let’s just say we’re not at 20 yet.

So what did I do?

Retracted. Pulled back. Hid.

I had a million stories run through my mind, not just about this particular offer, but about what it means about me, and my business, and my whole reason for existence.

Even when we “know” better, in moments like that, it’s easy to go down that spiral & feel like you’re the only one, isn’t it??? It leaves you questioning everything … even throwing in the towel and giving up.

People say, “Don’t TELL anyone about your struggles until you’re THROUGH them…”

Translation: Don’t let them see you. But I think that’s just more armor. More BS that adds to feeling like a fraud as we HIDE our truth & pretend to be so freakin’ “perfect” & “strong” … terrified that we’ll be found out & exposed.

If I didn’t have support & accountability, I’d probably still be hiding, but I fully believe:

The best & biggest thing you can do for your business & your life is to keep practicing courageous vulnerability. To LIVE it every moment you can. To RISK putting yourself out there again & again.

Whether you’re selling a new program, developing a new marketing or social media avenue, or going after a new income milestone, you’re gonna have to risk. Be vulnerable. Get exposed.

Or maybe your business is going great, but you want more personally with a new relationship, or ending a current one, or starting a family, or making a move. You may be terrified of what could happen to your business if you shake things up, but to get what you want, you’re gonna have to risk.

You have to be willing to open your hands & LET GO of the crumbs you’re clutching onto out of fear, uncertainty, & scarcity, so that you can be open to receive the greatness of ALL that you want. 


That is what the “Abundance Mindset Society” is about… 

  • YOU, making big, bold moves to create what YOU want in the areas you’re already working toward, and making those moves with COURAGE & Vulnerability & Perseverance, even in the face of fear
  • YOU, developing the awareness in day-to-day moments to recognize: “Oh … I’m retracting. Fear is running me. Now what?” so you can pull yourself UP out of the “I’m-not-enough” shame-spiral.  
  • YOU, flexing the muscles that feed your mind, your heart, and your soul with the things that call you out of hiding & move you forward into inspired action.

If you’re ready to take it on, to BE Courageously Vulnerable and conquer your “shame gremlins” not by doing more tasks or taking up more time in your life, but by BEING Bold. Daring. Courageous … The Abundance Mindset Society is for you.

For the next 3 months, you’ll get:

  • A weekly prompt to focus your awareness that week, so that AS you do what you’re doing, you can do it with ease. (the resistance or struggle you feel is being caused by fear & survival intentions slowing you down, making it hard)
  • Our dedicated Facebook group to share your struggles & triumphs, to experience deep connection & belonging with fellow humans who are also on the courageous path of living vulnerably, and to get support & coaching directly from me.
  • A monthly live group call with hotseat coaching to support you on your journey.
  • Instant access to 4+ hours of Money Mindset Challenge training recordings & prompts. While the Abundance Mindset Society is NOT intended to be a content-driven group, you get bonus access to these materials to replay as desired. Whether you participated in the challenge or not, the weekly prompts will support you in implementing the lessons for boldly & courageously living an abundant life.

Got questions? Have any “I want to but…”? Shoot me a message at spencer@SpencerSnakard.com to let me know what’s up. You can also find out more about it here.

Ready to join the society? Pay in full here, OR get started on a payment plan here.


Your mission… your life… YOU are too magnificent to be stopped or even slowed by scarcity & “not enough”ness. Your time to shine and make your mark is NOW. 
The Abundance Mindset Society will support you in courageously living a big, bold, abundant life to make it so. Come join us today!