Is ‘Freedom-Based’ a Big. FAT. Lie?


Wondering if this “freedom-based” business thing is a Big. FAT. Lie?

Everyone’s talking about making tens of thousands per minute in their sleep.

But you…you’re doing ALL the right things, spinning your wheels, checking all the boxes and invested up to your eyeballs in the “right” coaches … but it’s just not happening fast enough. In fact, it may NEVER feel like “enough.”

And while you’re working your butt off to build this “freedom-based” business to have more time with the people you love, you’re holed up in your office, snapping at your kids, wishing the school day were longer so you could get more done without feeling so damn guilty about it.

What you REALLY want is a business (and LIFE) that truly thrives with:

  • Freedom that comes with consistent income that goes far beyond “just enough” and allows you to travel, pursue great adventures, and LOVE your life
  • Making a difference, fulfilling your purpose AND your bottom line
  • Working with dream clients who are like your client soul mates who value your service and are thrilled to have the opportunity to pay you for your gifts
  • Without giving up or missing out on what matters most, like truly present, connected, fun-loving time with your family

There are some pretty simple reasons why it may not be flourishing yet, and they don’t require DOING more.

Don’t get me wrong: you DO have to take action… but master your mindset and you may find you can do a whole lot less to create a whole lot more.

Because business – and life – doesn’t have to be so damn hard. And you DESERVE to have it all.

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