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When Anything Was Possible


Remember when ANYTHING and everything was completely possible?

When you were going to be president? Or go into outer space? Or be a super hero? Or a fire truck? Or a Broadway star? Or marry a prince or princess and live happily ever after?

There were no limits to what could be.

You, and The World and your place in it were All. Pure. Potential.

And then life happened.

And happened.

And happened.

And every time something happened…

…you formed or validated a belief about you

or it

or them.

Yes, all of the aspirations above were mine … well, except for the fire truck (but it was a legit aspiration of a family member).

A whole summer of my youth I dreamed of saving the world and flying in my invisible jet as I spent every day in Wonder Woman underoos … as my regular clothes.

I used to practice – daily – for the day I would be “discovered” and play the lead in Annie on Broadway.

Ah yes, those were the days ….

If you’re human, your story is probably similar to mine. As life happened, I learned what not to say, or do.

I learned how to tame my boisterous laugh to a manner that wouldn’t be mocked.

I learned what I was supposed to look like, and dress like (ummm…not underoos).

I learned how to dim my light so as to not be scolded for shining brightly.

I learned how to adapt.

And with every lesson, a new layer of armor went on, and my spirit was further dimmed.

By adulthood, many of us already know exactly what mold we need to fit – what character we need to play. And if you think you’re a non-conforming original, I dare say that’s a role, too. Whether we started our careers or marriages or families or personal interests knowing exactly what we wanted or we just scuffed into them, before long, many of us are just scuffing through.

Getting by.


But I have a secret to share…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You are not a human being trying to have a divine experience in a few fleeting “mountain top moments.” You are a divine being having a human experience. You were made for more than to just survive and get by. You were made to SHINE!

You have a purpose, and you have the right – even a DUTY – to fulfill it!

Twenty years ago I found my passion. I believe it is my purpose. For many years I hid from it, trying to make other things fit. I was in the general vicinity, but on a limited playing field. It was like trying to play the Master’s on a Putt Putt course.

I guess I always knew when I was training to be Wonder Woman, I was made for bigger things.

And you were, too.

I believe that my purpose is to inspire others – even you! – to live life fully – to be bold and passionate, living your purpose as you go after everything you want and blow any barrier out of your way. To strip off those layers of armor that may have once served you, but probably don’t anymore. To live a life you love filled with passion and peace and clarity. Or not – maybe that’s not your vision for what you want.

The point is – we should ALL be able to authentically look at what we REALLY want (not just what we think we can get – or won’t be too disappointed with – or is ‘good enough’ …but what we really, genuinely want) …

and CREATE it.

You want to hear the REALLY crazy part?

It’s usually RIGHT. WITHIN. REACH.

Even the stuff we think is impossible.

It doesn’t have to be hard and take years and struggle. It can come in a moment.

I’ve experienced it in many big ways through the years.

I’m going to share something personal with you… from age 10-22, I struggled with pretty hard-core eating disorders. I had been through multiple years of therapy and read almost every self-help book in existence, and while I was no longer acting out with destructive behaviors, I still felt “damaged” and like I would always have to struggle with it and manage it.

It Had Me.

(and if I had balls, it would have surely had me by those)

ONE coaching conversation ended it forever. From one conversation I came to see that it had me, and I decided right then that I was NOT going to be a victim to my own thoughts and feelings. I have the power (we ALL have the power) to choose my own thoughts – maybe some are “automatic” and push their way in, but I have the power to be conscious to those thoughts and choose whether I live into them as “The Truth” or cast them aside as clatter.

It’s been over 20 years, and I have never gone back to body image or food struggles.

You know why? Because once the blinders are removed, you can never authentically avert your eyes again.

It’s like the Matrix. Once you go down that rabbit hole, there is no turning back.

Once you see, you can never un-see.

That powerful conversation that set me free was designed

  • to remove my blinders and let me see myself objectively
  • to allow me to separate fact from fiction (The Truth vs. my truth)
  • to let me choose whether to stay caught in chains, or to merely walk away

There is a story of an elephant that was chained and fought and fought to break free to no avail, and eventually its captors were able to keep it tied with merely a string around its ankle.

It had given up, but all the time had the power to walk away.

Just like YOU can walk away from whatever is holding you back, keeping you down.

If you’re struggling to create the freedom-based business you’ve been dreaming of that allows you to do work you love with passion, purpose, AND profits, withOUT ever having to give up what matters most (like time with loved ones or the peace of mind that comes with always having more than ‘enough’) …

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