Has the end-of-year shock kicked in yet? Last year at this time as Christmas decorations were going up and daylight was ending by 5pm, I had the stark realization that another year was almost over and …

… I was in the SAME place as I had been the year before.

I had been so sure that 2017 would be different. Like, night & day different. But I there I was, essentially in the same place as 2016 …

… still feeling like I had more to do (more people to add to my list, more content to develop, more business strategies to learn or implement) BEFORE I could really start making money.

Unbeknownst to me, I had MONEY ISSUES that were formed in part by a slimy sales training I took when I was 16 years old. I (briefly) worked for a weight-loss center where we were taught how to ask all the “right” questions to reveal people’s vulnerabilities, so once we made the pitch we could essentially throw everything back in their face to get them to sign up.

(I know, gross, right? I quit by my 2nd day on the sales floor.)

Even though that was nearly 30 years ago and my conscious mind had completely forgotten about it, I realized it was still in there somewhere and I was trying to protect myself from coming across as that slimy, manipulative and grotesquely “BAD” salesperson … so I wasn’t making offers at all.

(that’s ONE way to not be seen as “slimy”!)

Once I discovered what was going on, I was able to start taking the “right” actions and was able to take them in ways that directly led to this year being a VERY different ending.

Your story is probably different, but the essential cause is likely the same.

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~ Spencer